MannMani is built with love by a young woman with her mannmani breaking the code of conduct set by the society. Through mannmani we celebrate the ownership of a woman over herself & encourage "her" to do mannmani.

MannMani is a homegrown clothing brand that strives to create a distinct line of contemporary clothing for free-spirited and passionate women.

Our range of modish designs are thoughtfully handcrafted by the expert team of designers, pattern makers, and skilled craftsmen, keeping in view the latest trends of colours, silhouettes, cuts, and more.

We stemmed from the purpose of empowering self-willed women and inspiring the girls of the new generation. Being a conscious brand catering to the women of today, we curate voguish outfits for them to cherish and believe in!

We visualize curating a contemporary fashion experience for you to perpetually stay at the top of your fashion game!

Be a MannMani girl!!!!


Chandani Soni

Founder | Designer

MannMani is conceptualized by Chandani Soni, who is a young designer enamored of fashion since childhood. Her fondness for fabrics compelled her to experiment with outfits, knitting her style into every garment. She decided to hone her skill set by pursuing a Diploma in Fashion Designing and Visual Arts (Painting) followed by Masters in Fashion Technology, which helped her understand the nitty-gritty of the fashion industry. Her knowledge runs deep in western cuts, silhouettes, and more, allowing her to design awe-inspiring outfits and make them come to life one skillful stitch at a time. This helped her make her way into numerous fashion shows where she showcased her sense of fashion and turned out triumphant in most endeavors.

“I dedicate MannMani to all the self-willed women out there breaking stereotypes, redefining their persona and making their own milestones, working day in and day out, believing they could turn their dreams into reality and not letting anyone tell them otherwise!”, Chandani narrates.

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