Chandani Soni

Founder | Creative head

Introducing Chandani Soni, the visionary force behind MannMani. Chandani's passion for fashion ignited during her formative years, and her love for textiles led her to experiment with clothing, infusing her distinctive style into every piece.

Her journey in the world of fashion commenced with a Diploma in Fashion Designing and Visual Arts (Painting), followed by a Masters in Fashion Technology. These educational milestones equipped her with a profound understanding of the intricate facets of the fashion industry. Chandani's expertise extends to western cuts, silhouettes, and beyond, enabling her to create breathtaking garments, one meticulous stitch at a time.

In addition to her fashion education, Chandani holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Studies (Honors), which played a pivotal role in converting her passion for fashion into a thriving business. Her business acumen combined with her creative flair has been the key to MannMani's success.

Chandani's talents have graced numerous fashion shows, where she showcased her impeccable fashion sense, often emerging victorious. Her dedication to MannMani is a tribute to the indomitable spirit of self-willed women who shatter stereotypes, redefine their identities, and forge their paths, unwavering in their pursuit of turning dreams into reality. Chandani's message is clear: MannMani is for the women who believe in themselves and refuse to let anyone dictate their journey.

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